Alternative energy

Alternative energy
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Alternative energy

An engine (mechanism) - working with compressed air, which is connected to the dynamo-machine.

We have invented a way of producing electricity by means of compressed air, and I think, that it can be successfully combining to wind generators in such days when the wind is weak or in general is absent.
Allow me,to give an interesting idea about association of wind generators with our invention.
As a result of long-term works on search of alternative energy sources, we managed to construct an engine (mechanism) - working with compressed air, which is connected to the dynamo-machine, and makes an electricity . In our deep belief, the engine (mechanism), in the near future will become the most simple and accessible energy source, because during its work it "uses" two components only, which stocks are practically inexhaustible in the nature - the water and the atmospheric air. The word "uses" is taken in inverted commas, as engines work occurs in the course of air expansion, and even, it is possible to consider, that air is rented from atmosphere -used in mechanism, and released back to atmosphere, without mechanical, chemical or physical change. Restoration of an initial stock of compressed air, occurs during work of the engine.
The engine is ecologically pure and absolutely safe because, there is no process of combustion and no harmful emissions in atmosphere. Examination, carried out for the purpose of licensing of the new engine, has shown- it is valid innovation and has enough a big future.
In the absence of financial and material means, we did not yet manage to finish the program and to create an engine prototype, that on practice to show its abilities.
It has forced us to search for partners or investors. We have decided to offer the interested companies or individuals, on the good beginnings, to take part in finishing this project and then together enjoy success consequences. Results will be unimaginable. To manufacture (build) a prototype, is required 150 000, but the results will be in a hundred or thousand times more.

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