Agricultural animal solar fencing energiser

Agricultural animal solar fencing energiser
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Agricultural animal solar fencing energiser

Lanstar Electric Fence Energiser
1,Cost effective compared to conventional
2,Livestock containment
3,Portable or permanent

Agricultural solar electric fencing energiser (unigizer)

Lanstar electric fence has been widely used in farming, livestock containment and grazing, npasture, which could send out short, sharp and safe electric shock to animals touching the electrified wires.

Thus, effectively detecting and deterring predators and wild animals to keep them away from the fence, and keep livestock and poultry inside the fence.

What's more, it is much cheaper and more convenient than conventional fence.

Output Voltage 12KV
Max coverage 5KM,20KM,30KM
Certificate CE,ISO9001:2008,CEI-1011
Applicable type Permanent and temporary fence
Display mode LCD/LED
Operaton mode Six modes

Technical Specification:
Consumption 3.5W
Input voltage 12V DC
Output energy 1J,2J,5J
Power supply Mains,battery,solar power

Packing list
1 unit LX-Polar2 electric fence energiser
1 piece Main power adapter
1 piece Lead-out cable (red) to connect energiser to fence
1 piece Earthing cable (green) to connect energiser to earthing system
1 Set Leads to connect energiser to 12V deep cycle lead-acid/ gel battery option (red and black clips)
1 piece User manual
1 piece Colorful box packaging

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