Advertising on the Internet

Advertising on the Internet
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Advertising on the Internet

The Portal provides a comprehensive range of advertising and marketing services. Foreign and domestic advertising of your company on the Internet. We have a great business and advertising potential in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.


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The international business Portal is an innovative solution in the field of global support for international and/or domestic business of your company.

If you want quickly without any problems and the knowledge of foreign languages to:
> get valuable foreign and/or domestic business contacts
> get new foreign and/or domestic orders for your company
> export products and/or services to new foreign contractors
> get funding for your business ideas
> invest your capital safely in the country or abroad
> always be one step ahead of your competition
> see how international world of Business2Business works

then take advantage of our comprehensive or selected services of advertising and marketing services:
>> <<

The portal has the greatest business potential in Eastern Europe: Poland [PL], Ukraine [UA], Russia [RU] and Belarus [BY].

Our Team always advise, help and do everything for you.

If our offer is interesting for you, then contact in working hours 8.00 AM-16.00 PM (GMT+1) (Monday-Friday) our ‘Business Consultant of your company’ : Mrs. Aneta Sabanovic.

Tel: +48 58 768 59 30
Mob.: +48 505 047 475

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