99.99995% Pure Silver Liquid Mercury

99.99995% Pure Silver Liquid Mercury
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99.99995% Pure Silver Liquid Mercury

We have at hand for immediate supply-Pure Virgin Mercury 99.99% Purity which is the highest quality Mercury Metal in the world market today.

We can supply virgin liquid mercury with purity 99.99% in stainless steel flasks of 34.5kg net.

1.Product Name: Silver Liquid Mercury
2.Other Name: Quick silver, Hydrargyrum, Hydrargyri
3.Cas No.: 7439-97-6
4.EINECS: 231-106-7
5.MF: Hg
6.Appearance: silver liquid

-agricultural poisons,
-anti-fouling paint,
dental amalgams,
-minning, electronics, and chemical synthesis. (to remove gold and other metals from ore),
-dry cell batteries,
-chlorine and caustic soda production,
-electrical apparatus, and as a
-neutron absorber in nuclear power plants.


High Purity Mercury 99.99995%

Purity: 99.99%
Ignited residue volume: 0.001%
Impurity: Fe=0.00004%
Other heavy metals (Pb): 0.00004%
Quality is based on national standard GB-913-85

We do supply high Quality Mercury with 99.99% purity and efficiency.
Our prices are affordable and we supply at both whole sale and retail all over the world with rapid and secured delivery.

Our product is of the best quality you can ever think of. We sell at moderate prices and we ship worldwide. Contact us for more details.

We welcome all inquiries.

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