3D welding table/2m x 1m/cast iron/d28

3D welding table/2m x 1m/cast iron/d28
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3D welding table/2m x 1m/cast iron/d28

Brand Name: DCT
Model Number: DCT-D28PT2010Z-01
Condition: New
Material: HT300
Hole Seperation: 100mm
Surface Roughness: Ra1.6.
Working Surface (3D): 5
Diagonal Grid (D16): 50mm x 50mm
Diagonal Grid (D28): 100mm x 100mm
Flatness: 0.1/1000mm

Time-saving! Maximize the chance of cooperation! - when your customers require samples for your products in a short time period. You can weld samples easily and quickly with our tables, and send them to your customers as fast as possible.
Save costs! Save warehouse space! Your savings come in a variety of forms. First, you only have to purchase one system from which you can create an infinite number of fixtures. Second, you save the cost of steel every time you would normally buy material to build a makeshift fixture only to later send it to the recycling center after its useful life is over. Modular fixtures are designed to be reused time and time again.
Innovation purpose. When your company constantly innnovate and try new products, our welding table will help you weld new products quickly. A single welding table kit can be assembled into hundreds of fixtures. Modular fixtures can be built in a matter of minutes by recycling the tooling components from one fixture to another. Fixtures can then be quickly adjusted to handle last minute changes to part design.
Increase welding accuracy! Reduce defective goods! Increase customer satisfaction! Increase repeat and referral sales.

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