2012 brand new Taxes Hold'em poker analyzer

2012 brand new Taxes Hold'em poker analyzer
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2012 brand new Taxes Hold'em poker analyzer

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HOT!!! 2012 brand new poker analyzer is a set of analyzer which looks like an Iphone 4 in appearance, one for surveying infrared ray, one for receiving information. Without the limitation of occasions, lights. To set the biggest poker for your partner or yourself before turning on, esay operation and learning. poker analyzer only needs 0.3 seconds to analyze the points and suits of every players currately. To make a decision of continues or giving up in time and indentify automatically. The poker analyzer can set up different playing games,like Taxes Hold'em poker analyzer, Omaha 4 poker analyzer, Omaha hi-lo poker analyzer, Omaha 5 poker analyzer.and report the biggest winner before playing games to you or your partner.
Support for all poker games: Blackjack,Mau Mau,Omaha poker analyzer, Bull, Texas Hold'em poker analyzer ......
Advantages compare old poker analyzer:
(1) Similar types as Iphone 4, easy to hidden
(2) Much more fashion and beautiful than old ones.
(3) 2012 brand new Iphone 4 Texas hold'em poker analyzer have all functions of mobiles.
(4) Easy to set up codes of each game.
Used for:
Private poker party;
Party gamble;
Poker match;
Magic show.
User manual:
1.put the earpiece in your ear, and set up the suitable position of receiver
2.set up the number of players in Taxes hold'em poker analyzer, and then hidden it.
3.place the scanner(it can be act as mobile, remote conrol, chip box, iphone case and etc) in suitable distance and then scan the side bar codes of cards. In 0.3 second, the analyzer will report top 2 players through wireless earpiece. Also Taxes hold'em poker analyzer can also report the ranking of all players.
1.suppots all the poker playing games:Texas Hold'em,Omaha Poker, Blackjack, Mau Mau etc.
2.to report the point and suits automatically. And also can report the result of game before the plyaer gets the cards
3.Iphone 4 type, visualization operation, easy to carry


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